Haiti Eartquake

The 2010 Haitian earthquake was a catastrophic magnitude 7.0 Richter earthquake. Its epicenter was approximately 16 miles west of the capital of the Haiti. It occurred on Tuesday January 12th. By best estimates, about three million people were affected and the disaster would claim over 200,000 lives. Many prominent figures in Haiti were among the dead. Most of the vital infrastructures were badly damaged or destroyed.

Haiti has a long history of destructive earthquakes dating back to 1750. It is the poorest country in the western Hemisphere.

The most recent disasters to hit the island were tropical storm Fay and hurricanes Gustav, Hanna and Ike, all in the summer of 2008, resulting in 800 deaths.
The clothing industry, which accounts for two-thirds of Haiti’s export, was reported to have been damaged badly.


Estimated two million people living on the streets, having nowhere to go. Thousands of dead bodies all over. Thousands and thousands are buried in mass graves.


Many countries responded to the appeals and launched fund raising efforts. Medicine, food, and other aid are being sent from around the world.
American Red Cross set a record for mobile donations, raising $7 million in 24 hours.


Barack Obama, the president of United State, stated: “We do not view this humanitarian mission with a life cycle of a month. This will be on our radar screen long after it’s off the crawler at the CNN. This is going to be a long slog.” And we agree with his assertion.



They should know it better than everybody else.


Beside appealing to their members at the time of emergency, which is a very responsible and humane act, they need to put aside part of their budget as reserve for this type of human disasters so more lives can be saved.


They can help in many ways, but what is needed most is cash and it can be done by donations through Red Cross, either $10 through your cell phone or by calling the offices of the Red Cross in your area and donating by credit card.


Ziba Foundation donated $500 through Red Cross and will continue to donate on a monthly basis.

Ziba Foundation will appreciate your tax-detectable donation to its Relief Fund Committee for continuity of its assistance to the victims of Haiti earthquake and to be prepared financially to help for future catastrophes.