Pressing Issues: Unemployment, Homelessness, Illness

Nature takes its course, with an unbelievable order and according to scientific principles. We have never seen two consecutive days or nights. In the same way, the seasons, the clouds, the mist, the wind, the rain, fallen leaves and the frozen trees rub against humanity’s window.

In the same way, life and death, birth and growth, the comings and goings, are all underway. In other words nature, irrespective of humanity, repeats itself in its own rhythm. Sure, one can scientifically prove that the planets, in the course of millions of years, have gone through tremendous transformations, as the will in the future. But what makes our planet Earth special is the presence of humanity and the transformations that result from its mental development.

What is important about the gradual transformations of the last ten thousand years is the great effect of mental-conceptual, judgmental, experimental and empirical reflections of humanity on its surroundings in each and every stage of its intellectual development.

The way a young person approaches the concept of death is different from that of an old person, not only from the point of view of its acceptance but also in terms of emotional responses and the internal turmoil that results from chemical reactions.

By the same token, the young generation’s mind is mostly preoccupied with parties, marriage and procreation, motion and the future, while the old generation is primarily involved with issues like the death of friends, health and hospitalization, burial and cremations; or, as it is becoming more popular these days, with celebration of death rather than mourning.

This brief was meant to highlight the realities of life. However, it serves as an introduction to singing the song of life and arriving, step by step, at some of the problems that face the majority of people around the world; problems as real as the light of day, which we ignore like the darkness of night.

Having a belief is respectful and must be respected. But having a belief cannot justify the killing of millions of innocent people; or dropping nuclear bombs on them and polluting their country with nuclear material that would cause cancer and other genetic problems for them for centuries to come; or trampling over people’s rights and making their lives miserable.

On the other side of the coin are us, the majority of who live in, even in the United States, in very difficult economic conditions. A little attention would reveal that many of our family members and acquaintances, as well as strangers, are suffering from hunger, unemployment and sickness. Yet, we ignoring their conditions, we carry on with our happy daily life.

I hope this brief comment can make the point clear and act as a reminder to our readers about the constant plight and pain of millions and billions of our fellow human beings around the world.

At some point, consciously or unconsciously, you and I will be faced with the question: Do human beings have social consciousness, clear conscience, kind hearts, good intentions, and deep love for their fellow human beings? I am certain that they do. Then the question arises: How can one explain all the neglect, silence and indifference, and the pursuit of short-term pleasure? Given the fact that every one is free and the best judge of his/her own interests and actions, you may have a better answer to these questions than I do.

Yet, I am certain that if we pay a little more attention to our behavior, things will begin to improve. Over time, and with the growth of consciousness and a sense of respect for the rights of human beings and other creatures, no bully, individually or collectively, will be able to commit such crimes against humanity as forcing people into poverty, hunger, unemployment, sickness, prostitution or drug abuse in the name of its own interests, or for reasons of personal or collective security. Especially for those of us who live in the great country of the United States, and who enjoy the freedoms and security it provides, the responsibilities are much higher. It is upon us to become more conscious, more humane, kinder and more forgiving human beings through continuous education.

Believe me, in doing so we would live much happier life, have a more responsible representatives, and an improved relationships among the peoples, countries and governments of the world. It is only through awareness and consciousness that people can avoid mistakes and enjoy a better life.

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