Ba Ra Ye MADARAM
    Be Be Zahra Baigom Ghavami e Maibodi.
    Keh Raft. Ravansh Shad.
    “My” Mother, ” Our” Mother

    She transitioned spiritually to infinity, just weeks ago.
    Telephone ringed.
    I just listen to my brother.
    Keh Goft ” Mamany Raft ”
    A long pause and a loud cry.
    She had  ” Forgiving ” and ” Giving away to needy “, disease all her life
    She was our Mother ” Theresa “.
    A year or two.
    Before ” Our ” father flying away,
    She got Alzheimer disease ( Faramooshi )
    Thank you our “CREATOR”.
    It was a blessing for her not to feel the pain of separation.
    As I did for “decades”.
    Hamisheh me goft ” madar joon delam ba rat tang shodeh, pass to kay me iy ”
    Man hamisheh my goftam, madar joon ” Khaili Zood ”
    Vah Ou me goft ” Omidvaram Madaram ”
    She took her body, Ama left her “spirit”, “hopes” “.courage” , and “Mehrabani” for.
    “Me” and” Us”.
    Since her fly.
    Every night
    When I go to bed.
    I see her walking away quietly from the bed room.
    Making sure.
    I am being covered properly.
    We all miss her a lot
    I remember our brief conversation, Madar Joon pass kay me iy?
    I promise her, I will be with her forever, and
    I request and she grant me her permission.
    To finish my writings and poems, that are dusting in my intellectual property
    With the help of others.
    To make this planet a border less homeland.
    For all .
    Homeless, freedom and justice loving beings living with hope for a heavenly planet,”Here” and” Now”
    “Here” and” Now”.
    I promise to you my” Mother “, my “Sun”,
    My ” Star ” and My “Universal” Spirit.
    And I end up my poem with one wish.
    I hope she come to my dream once the least.
    I want to kiss her.
    I want to tell her that I love her for ever.
    I want……………………………
    I want …………………………..
    And last favor Madar joon.
    Give a huge to your husband and our father.
    Shoma Hala ay” Ashegh”,o,” Mashogh” zamoneh.
    Ham sayeh divar be divar hastin.
    Yadetoon be khair.

    Zia Ghavami
    Mim. Dal. Omid e Maibodi
    10 PM, August 22, 2014, NJ

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