Ba ra yi pedaram: Seyed Mahmud Ghavami e Maibodi, on the 6th anniversary of his departure from this dusty planet.

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    SIMIN BEHBAHANI (1927-2014)

      “In the fight for sovereignty and justice, Simin Behbahani was a mountain lioness and the soul of deprived and unloved. Certainly her spirit runs through the blood of political prisoners in Iran and freedom warriors in the globe.”

      — Akbar Montaser

      “Iran’s most famous poethas died at age of 87. Simin Behbahani was loved by many ordinary Iranians, but drew the disapproval of the authorities, whom she challenged throughout her life.”

      — Golnoosh Golshani, BBC Persian

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        Ba Ra Ye MADARAM
        Be Be Zahra Baigom Ghavami e Maibodi.
        Keh Raft. Ravansh Shad.
        “My” Mother, ” Our” Mother

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        ANNOUNCEMENT — Coming Soon

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          2- Heart to Heart, writing, Poetry and thoughts of Zia Ghavami (Parsi)

          Ziba Foundation.

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          Go Ahead, Think It Over

            Editor’s Note:

            This valuable article should had been on line a few months ago, but I decided “To go ahead and think it over,” and also apply it in my daily life thoughts process and decision making by not returning some calls right away, stop production of videos for Ziba site, not writing my short stories and poems and postponing some decisions.

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            Why We Lie

              Editor’s Note

              “Lying” — Social Implications

              This month article illustrate one of the most complex parts of human psychology that had been with us perhaps since the beginning of evolution.

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              Genes May Link Disparate Diseases

                Editor’s Note:

                It is very reasonable if a viewer asks why the editor’s emphasis has been mostly on health issues? It is a good question and the answer is very simple: If you are as an individual not healthy or dead what makes a difference of which topic we talk about.

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                How to be Creative

                  Editor’s Note:

                  I would like to summarize the major points of this excellent and very useful article.

                  1. Creativity is not magic, is not a trait that we inherit in our genes or blessing bestowed by the angels “it is a skill”.

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                  New Insight Into Aging Brains

                    Editors note:

                    In contrary to popular believes judging the others physical age solely based on numerical criteria is mostly indicative of culture and customs rather than science especially when it comes to nervous system apparatus and brain.

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                    Internet Access Is Not a Human Right

                      Editor’s Note: Human Right vs. Human Wrong

                      This is an elegant article with few profound ideas, suggestions, and practical and historical lessons. Put it in a historical prospective a few comments worth mentioning.

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