Genes May Link Disparate Diseases

Editor’s Note: It is very reasonable if a viewer asks why the editor’s emphasis has been mostly on health issues? It is a good question and the answer is very simple: If... Read more »

How to be Creative

Editor’s Note: I would like to summarize the major points of this excellent and very useful article. 1. Creativity is not magic, is not a trait that we inherit in our genes... Read more »

New Insight Into Aging Brains

Editors note: In contrary to popular believes judging the others physical age solely based on numerical criteria is mostly indicative of culture and customs rather than science especially when it comes to... Read more »

Marriage vs. Divorce Certificate

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Health & Wellness — Part Two

By: Melinda Beck On average, the typical man makes about 1,000 sperm every heartbeat. Yet a number of lifestyle choices, environmental factors and chance events can sabotage the sperm: an adolescent groin... Read more »

Health & Wellness — Part One

Editor Note: This editorial intend to digest very important points of these two articles for viewers that are not familiar with some of the medical terminologies discussed here.1)    Excess fat in the... Read more »

Problems in Pregnacy Signal Future Health Risk

Many doctors and patients have long considered two common pregnancy complications as temporary medical problems that essentially go away once the baby is born. Now there’s growing recognition that expectant women who... Read more »

Hungry? Your Stomach Really Does Have a Mind of Its Own

The digestive system contains a network of  millions of nerve cells that operates as an autonomous secound brain. This gut brain, formally known as the enteric nervous system, helps to control muscular... Read more »

Desire in the Twilight of Life

Editor’s note: From the moment we are conceived, despite of all our differences in this one way highway of life we all have the same desires and needs. We learn day by... Read more »

Worried About a Moody Teen?

Mental Illness Often Starts in Adolescence. Telling Typical Angst From Serious Problems… Source: Elizabeth Bernstein How can parents tell if a moody teenager is simply normal- or is it spinning out of... Read more »