Go Ahead, Think It Over

Editor’s Note: This valuable article should had been on line a few months ago, but I decided “To go ahead and think it over,” and also apply it in my daily life... Read more »

Why We Lie

Editor’s Note “Lying” — Social Implications This month article illustrate one of the most complex parts of human psychology that had been with us perhaps since the beginning of evolution. Read more »

Internet Access Is Not a Human Right

This is an elegant article with few profound ideas, suggestions, and practical and historical lessons. Put it in a historical prospective a few comments worth mentioning. Read more »


Editor’s Note: Sometimes you read a best seller book and wondering emotionally how much the information was a mover and shaker in your perception and thought and how much it changed your... Read more »

Professional Discipline or Lack of It

Critics are taking legal action to seek punishment for psychologists who, they say, designed and consulted on abusive interrogation techniques.The psychologist’s violated professional ethics rules, the critics say, because, they claim, the... Read more »

Is Happiness Equal to Well-Being? The Answer is NO!

Editor Note: Ziba Foundation publishes Ziba e-Magazine and a monthly article on its front page. Though the contents are in line with Ziba Foundation’s by laws, the front-page article usually discusses more... Read more »

Four Contributing Factors to Poverty

Editor’s Note: The idea of Grameen Bank (bank for poor villagers) came from Muhammad Yunus, a US-trained Bangladeshian. He started with his own money (around $20.00) to lend to the poor women... Read more »

Peace or War? Which One?

On December 10, 1948, the United Nation General Assembly ratified the Universal Declaration of human rights. However, partial and inadequate, the implementation of the principle of human rights since 1948 marked the... Read more »

Making Conscious Choices

Today our world is changing so fast. It seems almost impossible to keep up. It seems as if our social and cultural environment is evolving so quickly that a year is like... Read more »

Pressing Issues: Unemployment, Homelessness, Illness

Nature takes its course, with an unbelievable order and according to scientific principles. We have never seen two consecutive days or nights. In the same way, the seasons, the clouds, the mist,... Read more »