Ba ra yi pedaram: Seyed Mahmud Ghavami e Maibodi, on the 6th anniversary of his departure from this dusty planet.

“Life” is a collection of unspoken dreams.
Not to call it a “sad” or “depressing” one.
” Confronting” it as it is.
“Surpassing the intellectual boundaries of our limited thinking.
A thousand or two, till our brain develop enough
To be able to answer all of the WHYS?
Human beings all are different.
If we take the Human out of equation
We all justĀ  , even worse than animal.with longer life span.
Why ? you may ask.
And I may reply
Being un able to express, is equal to denying that, “things” dose not exist?
You see.
Constant infusion of emotional toxin in to our body, mind, spirit.
It make us worse than an atomic bomb.
Being exploded bite by bite,and make us emotionally aged, spiritually broken, and violence become a tools.
Cover up, Discovery, Recovery,?
Information, Disinformed populus, and with high “unemployment”,”closed factories” but 24/7 misinformation factories at work.?
We have perfected cover ups unfortunately.
In our personal, emotional and inter relationship level.
In true sense.
Is not alive and well.
How about Recovery ?
In this addicted and use to being told lies to the teeth.
Forget about it.
Did I hear you well ?
Alive and well.
Worse than Ebola virus..
because it had been around for millennium.
We denied it
From top to bottom of our “sold” out soul.
“Officially” and “unofficiall”y .without, treatment, cure, or prevention, rather “germination”.
It is sad to see.
As most of usĀ  grew older.
Blind ambition,forget fullness, fully saturated brain cell with deception and lies.
Make us dangerous kid in the old block, with a lots of killing powers.
Lets hope.
We together make this planet a beat more bearable.
By making life.
An spoken reality.
By confronting the evil thinking minorities in full force and clear conscious.
Rather, remain an unspoken dream..

Zia ghavami
Mim. Dal. Omin e Maibodi
September 3rd, 2014. New Jersey.

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