The ZIBA Foundation’s goal is to improve the quality of life for all beings through the arts, as defined in its bylaws, by promoting an ongoing multidimensional exchange of the art of Iranian Cultural Continent with the rest of the world, knowing well that this intense task — emotional, cultural soul-searching and researching and the simultaneous attempt to assess the impact of this bi-directional influence on the improvement of the quality of life of all beings — has a far-reaching and ambitious goal, which will consume much time and resource, but which is also too precious and vital to be postponed any longer.

While the intention is to open a new chapter in the history of art, that art be not only perceived but also practiced in a fundamentally different form than it is now, in which the rights of all beings are valued and respected, something that does not happen for different reasons in all four corners of this small village we call our world, it is also to overcome the obstacles that stand in the way of such a new perspective, including different economical and cultural values and customs in the east and profit and economical motives in the west By a deeper understanding of human logic and thinking we may practice walking a higher moral ground by not repeating the same mistakes of our predecessors. For a better tomorrow we need to have a better mindset based on a different value system than is being practiced and taught in our educational institutions at the present time.

A tomorrow in which there is no artificial set of boundaries being planned for us. A tomorrow in which the slaughtering of our intelligence is not the norm. A tomorrow in which addiction is replaced by affection. Construction, not destruction. Bread, not bombs. Open arms, not an army. A tomorrow in which art is a mirror in which our beauty shines forth instead of the ugliness of our transgressions. A tomorrow in which an aged diabetic dog trying to reach a container of water and an alienated human being dying of cancer, lonely in a nursing home located in the land of so-called civilization, are both treated and respected equally.

In this pivotal moment in the history of mankind, the only thing that we need to be taught is a unified message of peace, cooperation and a universal application of art to be broadcasted by a unified body (the United Nations) 24/7 in all languages for the betterment of the quality of life for all beings. ZIBA, among thousands of similar organizations, is proudly trying to do its part.

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