Committee Brief Description
1. Public Relations Committee

— Ziba e-Magazine
— Film Festival
— Globe-a-Thon

This Committee is in charge of all public relations activities of the Foundation. It is also  responsible for the Foundation’s main publication. The Committee will also promulgate and produce several other publications in Persian, English and the official language of the particular host country. Its purpose is to introduce art and artists to the world communities.
2. Assistance Committee This Committee uses its budget to assist and support needy artists, both financially as well as through other means.
3. Appreciation Committee This Committee is the most instrumental in inspiring and encouraging the artist community. Its goal is, among other means, to reward the best artistic creations through annual and periodic Ziba awards. It will endeavor to continuously and consistently hold award ceremonies and encourage young and old artists alike to improve and attain excellence in their works.
4. Education Committee This Committee has as its goal to teach Iranian Cultural Continent art at the world level to all those interested in learning it. The Committee members are qualified art teachers or at least have art in their professional background.
5. Scholarship Committee This Committee aims to help train, educate, and preserve artists by enabling them to attain their status as world­-renown players. This feat is accomplished through financial assistance to these individuals.
6. Art Exchange Committee This Committee ensures that in our global village we will interact and exchange ideas and art with other like-minded individuals and organizations on the world stage.
7. Preservation Committee This Committee’s work is to preserve the art of the Iranian Cultural Continent. It seeks out affiliations and assistance of national and international agencies to assure that Iranian Cultural Continent’s art is not pillaged and plundered as it has been in the past.
8. Publication Committee This Committee’s goal is to dispel any misunderstanding about Iranian Cultural Continent’s art and to clarify to the world the meaning of this art. The Committee, by producing and printing Iranian written works, by translating these works into other languages and distributing them, and by publishing the writings and poetry of the known and less-known artists pf the Iranian Cultural Continent, plants a seed in the world’s collective mind that the art of Iranian Cultural Continent is real and worthy of praise and serious attention.
9. Memorial Committee This Committee is charged with ascertaining that lessons from our past can clear the path to our tomorrow. It tries to maintain a continuous appreciation of Iranian Cultural Continent’s past heritage, and to hold gatherings and symposiums to appreciate the fallen artists of the Iranian Cultural Continent, recent and past alike.
10. Financial Committee This Committee is solely responsible for all financial affairs of the Foundation. It acts under the auspices and supervision of the Foundation’s treasurer.
11. Legal and Ethical Affairs Committee This Committee oversees all the affairs and activities of the Foundation in order to ensure that the Foundation and its members are in full compliance with the Bylaws. It also functions, to the best of its ability, to assure that such activities are in accordance with the ethical norms of the society.
12. Golden Dreams Committee This Committee is responsible for all commemoration activities as stated in the Golden Dreams section of Ziba Bylaws.
13. Youth Committee This Committee organizes and oversees all youth‑related activities (e.g., recreational chess and dance tournaments, Ziba Camp, etc.) as elaborated in the Bylaws.
14. Grievance Committee All complaints and comments regarding the affairs of the Foundation is addressed by this Committee. The Committee convenes at least once every three months to address such issues.
15. Auditing Committee This Committee is responsible for auditing all the books of the Foundation. Except in emergencies, the Committee will conduct such auditing at least once a year. Once completed, the Committee will prepare a written report and submit it to the Board of Directors as well as the Board of Governance.
16. Relief Fund Committee In case of natural emergency (earthquake, etc.) or forced displacement, war, deprivation, or poverty, this Committee will give assistance for repair of damaged art institutions or victimized artists and their families in the world.