Film Festival

The 2nd International Short Film Festival: Independent Films on Iran

International Film & Video Center and the Ziba Foundation are proud to announce that The 2nd International Short Film Festival: Independent Films on Iran will be held in New York City, location and date to be announced.

Ziba Foundation appreciates and want thanks, again and again, all of our First International Short Film Festival contributors. It is very important to share and remind all of our viewers that in order to have a successful and sustainable second film festival we need your help for reaching  the following objectives:

A. Financial: We must first  secure the financial aspect of the film festival by raising the estimated cost of $100,000 through generous contributions of our viewers.

B. Non-Financial: This announcement is an open invitation to all interested individuals to join the panel of experts and by donating their experience, talent and creativity to make this film festival a first class, well run, inclusive and a shinning artistic phenomenon well qualified to represent the short films by all artists of the world interested in the Art of Iranian Cultural Continent on the world stage, and by putting their name, reputation and aspiration on the line, motivate the others to join as well in this unique and valuable effort.

The first festival, held at New York’s Asia Society in October 2007, was an unqualified success, showcasing films by many talented filmmakers in the competition section, including Gold Prize winner Shahrokh Babhrololumi’s The Season of Soil, Best Fiction winner Hamy Remezan’s Just Waiting, and Best Documentary winner Naser Zeraati’s Underneath My Father’s House. There was also a retrospective of the films of Kamran Shirdel, a showcase of films from the Makhmalbaf Film House, and a selection of films from Afghanistan and Tajikstan.

As with the first outing, the objective of this festival is to present films each of which opens its own window on the art of Iranian Cultural Continent, either through its subject matter or by virtue of its creator’s point of view. To that end, the films presented in competition can either be made by Iranians on any topic or made by filmmakers of any nationality in which the subject is Iranian Cultural Continent in nature. With all that has happened in the recent past, the function of this festival is even more important then ever before, especially now that Iran, the mother of vast Cultural Continent, has become so prominent. Iran having become so prominent in the news, and not always for the reasons we might wish, it is that much more appropriate that a showcase exists where people can be exposed to and learn about the culture of a nation which, while on many peoples’ lips, is still not nearly as widely understood as it needs to be. With this festival, we hope to contribute in small part to a greater understanding.

To contribute to this groundbreaking event, please click here.